Favorite Quotes from Colorado Literature

Andrea Reads America

The authors’ original words do their work more justice than any book review I write, and when grouped together, the quotes become atmospheric of the state they are set in. I hope you enjoy this addition of a “Favorite Quotes” series to my Andrea Reads America coverage.

The Ballad of Rocky Ruiz by Manuel Ramos book coverFrom The Ballad of Rocky Ruiz by Manuel Ramos

“Our hands met in a halfhearted attempt at the Chicano handshake, but we didn’t quite remember all the intricacies.”

“He had a gleam in his eyes, like mica dust, and he was either higher than a kite or in love.”

“I had seen him like this one other time – the night Rocky Ruiz was shotgunned to death by masked and hooded men on a dark country road, twenty years ago.”

“Before I could face the pile of deadlines stacked on my desk, I convinced myself I had to have a breakfast burrito and…

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