The Day After

Your Mom Has A Blog

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone.  Mine was really, really nice.  Nothing incredible happened.  The house is no cleaner, the food was no better, the children were not really any less trouble.  It was a busy day of church happenings and lesson preparing and staring at three children in awe that I’m their mother.  You know, nothing unusual.


The kids made me gifts.  I got handprint poems, cards, painted pictures, and even a poster!  They were so excited and wrapped each and every item in a different gift bag so that I would feel especially spoiled.  I did.


Adelade also made a plate at school that her awesome teacher baked in the oven at her house (along with 50 others! Like, who does that?  Teachers are incredible!)  She has been telling me for weeks that she had a big surprise in store for my Mother’s Day.  One day I…

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