To the young lady with the brother who works for AIPAC

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

Last month, I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on the right to education at Amnesty International’s Human Rights Conference in Chicago. The workshop focused on three regions: Iran, the occupied Gaza Strip, and Chicago’s inner city. At the end of the session, a student approached me and asked if I knew of any resources she could consult if — she shyly hesitated here for a moment — she wanted to learn more about life under occupation.

In our brief chat, she gave me a peek into her family dynamics. With one sibling employed by AIPAC and two parents staunchly supporting Israeli settlement building and border expansionism, she was brave to have even registered for the conference.

As I left the conference hall, I realized I had forgotten to take down her contact information. I scribbled done some of my thoughts in case of any future communication. I’ve composed…

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