ANTVR Is An Open-Source, Cross-Platform Virtual Reality Gaming Kit


Products like the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus have revolutionized the gaming landscape by making virtual reality headsets accessible to the average gamer, but they have a major drawback. Each are married to their platforms and only work with a relatively limited list of games.

To address that issue, a hardware startup called ANTVR Technology has created an open-source, cross-platform virtual reality gaming set, called the ANTVR kit.

“We wanted to solve the compatibility problem because all the virtual reality products on the market are not compatible with mainstream gaming platforms,” said Qin Zheng, the Beijing-based company’s founder.

Currently on Kickstarter, the kit has raised nearly $86,000 of its $200,000 goal in just two days. The set starts at just $300, which the company explained on its Kickstarter comments section is because ANTVR Technology is not only located near Chinese hardware manufacturers, but also currently selling the ANTVR…

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