Circle Emerges From Stealth To Bring Bitcoin To The Masses


Circle, the bitcoin-based financial services company, is emerging from stealth with a suite of products and services aimed to take bitcoin’s blockchain to mainstream consumers.

Since its launch in 2013, Boston-based Circle has been very quiet about its planned offerings based on bitcoin’s exchange technology. Now, as the international bitcoin conference in Amsterdam shifts into gear, the venture-backed company is unveiling a host of financial services offerings for the everyday consumer.

Indeed, Circle’s founder and chief executive, Jeremy Allaire, believes that bitcoin’s true value is as a payment medium rather than as a store of value. To him market speculation — which has waned in recent months — is actually a bet on the longer term efficacy of bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

A serial entrepreneur who made millions with the online video company he founded, Brightcove, Allaire says the bitcoin adoption curve is similar to that of…

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